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Saturday, November 24, 2012


Toyota 86 versions of an open top (convertible) is. At the Geneva Motor Show next March As reported by Autocar used, the material is more likely for the roof canopy.

To the hardtop version of the same bank, ie 2 +2 configuration. While the luggage compartment easily reduced, as it is used to store the folded roof fabric. Sunroof version is mainly focused on the U.S. market.

Moreover, it was the chief engineer of Toyota sports car, Tetsuya Tada, that developed 86 Toyota hybrid engines, which allows more "hard" and fuel consumption.

After Tada, a version of the "performance" hybrid is capable of spraying power of 250 hp and a drawer in 2015. Supercapacitors replace the battery, and how he won the World Championship Endurance prorotipe the car.

"If it appears firmer version, you will be surprised. Meanwhile, as now, people are not only the petrol engine and sports cause high air pollution," said Tada.
Tada found supercapacitor is too expensive, but Toyota is trying to solve this problem. Therefore, the quick version 86 slide with very competitive prices

Toyota avanza If you have complaints of problems out white mist of registers A / C toyota avanza

Handling phenomenon Fog White (White fog) Out of Register A / C TOYOTA AVANZA

Toyota avanza If you have complaints of problems out white mist of registers A / C toyota avanza

Problem Conditions / Symptoms
White mist out of the registers A / C when the humidity is high around the vehicle, such as early morning or at night or when it rains. This phenomenon is also more common when the temperature selector positions at the level of Max cool.

Cause of Problem
From the results of investigations that have been carried out, the phenomenon of mist discharge registers A / C is caused by the water droplets on the surface of the evaporator. Water points are located on the surface of the evaporator because of the material DOP (similar with wax - the external material), so the evaporator surface resembling taro leaves. When there is a water point in the evaporator and blown by the blower and then mixed with hot air, it will form a white mist of steam and looked out of the registers A / C.

Step Repair / Fix Field
Clean evaporator A / C toyota avanza or by improving the process by adding a coating on the evaporator which aims to accelerate the disposal of surface water in the evaporator. Thus, when the evaporator is blown by the blower, water droplets will not come out mixed with hot air.


Industrial components
According Gaikindo component industry involves about 88,000 people and is growing very well. In addition to supplying the domestic, exports of components increased by 50% in recent years. Jongkie D.Sugiarto Gaikindo Chairman explained the possibility of skyrocketing prices of components due to an increase of UMP indirectly trigger a rise in car prices. He hoped the government would not issue policies that burden the automotive sector because many current investments one Toyota Group Rp26 trillion.
(Bisnis Indonesia, Friday, November 23, 2012, p i8)

New Honda CR-Z
Honda Prospect Motor show New hybrid sports car CR-Z and a number of other models in the Trans Auto Expo, the first and largest automotive exhibition in London on 21-25 November 2012. "Honda CR-Z perform world premiere in Indonesia in 2012 and managed the exhibition IIMs be booked 50 units within 11 days of the exhibition," said Jonfis Fandy, director of Honda.
(Bisnis Indonesia, Friday, November 23, 2012, p i8)

Mercedes claims the commercial vehicle sales grew by 30%
Mercedes claims the commercial vehicle sales grew 30% compared to last year's realization. Director of Sales Commercial Vehicle Mercedes, Olaf Peterson said this year's sales of Mercedes solidify market share to 60% in the commercial segment. Gaikindo busMercedes pasa recorded sales of 466 units Semester I/2012. Mercedes today introduced new products Chassis Bus OH 1626 and OH 1830 in Surabaya
(Bisnis Indonesia, Friday, November 23, 2012, p i8)

Audi and Porsche luxury cars hold production
Automakers can not rely on the European market. Audi plans to close while Western European production if conditions continue to deteriorate. Porsche also plans to reduce costs by removing shifts Saturday per January. Audi CEO Rupert Stadler in September projecting European automotive market will stagnate in the next two years.
(Cash, Friday, November 23, 2012, page 24)

GM bought Ally U.S. $ 4.2 billion
GM Financial has agreed to pay U.S. $ 4.2 billion to buy a unit of Ally Financial for automotive finance operations in Europe and Latin America. Ally Financial is a finance company whose 74% shares are owned by the U.S. government. GM hopes the purchase will increase sales.

(Cash, Friday, November 23, 2012, page 24)

Infants are required to have a train ticket
Starting December 1 PT. Indonesia Train (KAI) to enforce the new policy, namely infants under three years old must have a ticket to the rate of 10% of the adult fare. While babies over three years adult rates apply. So all the passengers will be listed in the manifest way. Sugeng Priyono, Head of Public Relations Railways told to give discounts to passengers on certain criteria to show their ID cards / Press Card / Card LVRI / Cards PWRI.
(Cash, Friday, November 23, 2012, p 20)

Wallstreet holidays, JCI potentially mixed
The index closed up 0.43%, at 4335.93 yesterday. JCI predicted mixed today. Analysts Sinarmas, James Wahyudi said the anticipation of the meeting of European finance ministers on 26 November to market sentiment and the U.S. stock market will be closed over the Thanksgiving holiday.
Dollar rose 0.04% to a level of U.S. $ 9639 per yesterday. U.S. banking holiday giving gap strengthening rupiah.
(Bisnis Indonesia, Friday, November 23, 2012, p 1)

Jakarta slum makeovers
"We want a year there are 100 slums were built, but it depends on the approval of City Council," said Jokowi yesterday. He said the five-year total there are 360 ​​villages to be addressed, so well organized and more worthy to be called the State Capital. Related bujetnya, he explained has been submitted to the Parliament and received a positive response so far. The process of development involving the private sector, academia, and the community through working groups and accompanied by the architect.
(Cash, Friday, November 23, 2012, p 20)

Nissan Motor preparing to launch 10 variants
Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI) targeting the growing sales in Indonesia. President Director of NMI, Kintaro Izumida said one that would be introduced namely New Serena MPV type. But he was not open about the volume and time of the launch of New Serena. The exact launch in January 2013 was a sports sedan Nissan GT-R, while in the IIMs priced at Rp2, 2 billion. NMI will also produce cheap cars Datsun, but wait regulation LCGC out.
(Cash, Friday, November 23, 2012, page 15)
Quotes of the day

"Man must stop the war, or peranglah to stop people."(John F. Kennedy)

"Doing more than you receive, in return, will get you paid more for what you do."

Monday, July 9, 2012

Toyota Camry

Toyota Camry and Camry Hybrid gas came in first and second echo annual awards for the year 2012.
It is the first major award of the new Camry hybrid version, and given badges - both released in the last six months.
Both versions of Camry won the award in front of 29 other vehicles tested by the judges of the Echo National Magazine.
Vehicles in price from $ 16,000 to over $ 90,000.
The evaluation criteria for all groups of prices and fuel efficiency included, performance, comfort, elegance and driving pleasure.
The Camry Hybrid has a combined fuel consumption of gasoline and 5.2L/100km * Camry has a combined fuel consumption of 7.8L/100km *.
"The choice was between the two cars as the first and the second determined by an assessment of their suitability for the job", said Chief Judge Chris Mullett.
"Both the refinement and engine offers the same options, depending on the needs of motorists."
Service ceiling price, providing more operational savings, was a decisive factor in the election.
Angel Beck Toyota spokesman, the distinction of being the vehicle that will load the Camry hybrid in Australia described.
"The amount of hybrid models from Toyota, including Camry Hybrid stands at the forefront of creating a strong demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles," he said.
Toyota announced this week it has had its four-million hybrid vehicles worldwide.
New Toyota Camry Hybrid Engine is an impressive hat-trick with improvements for energy savings and value.
As noted in the range of the seventh generation Camry, hybrid cars offer a plus of 7.8 percent compared to its predecessor, with a consumption of up to 17 percent * of the city cycle.
Camry Hybrid now has more features and an improved design, aerodynamics, interior, safety, comfort, handling and storage.
Despite significant progress, the original price of entry-level Camry H up to $ 34,990 ** has been reduced - a reduction of $ 2,000 or 5.4 percent.
Value was also improved high LH Camry ** $ 41,490 profit a team of at least $ 4,500 for a price increase of only $ 1,500.
Toyota sales executive of Australia and Chief Marketing Officer Matthew Calla choir, said the new Camry hybrid showed the benefits of the long history of Toyota petrol-electric hybrid vehicles.
"New Camry Hybrid is a step in the refinement, performance and efficiency," said Calla choir.
"Our flagship hybrid sedan in a class by itself, with an unmatched combination of power and the spirit of continuous acceleration, while much less fuel.
"We expect all these benefits - to increase sales of the Camry Hybrid in Australia - as well as significant improvements in dynamics, style and value."
Camry hybrid a great magazine debut Toyota Hybrid Synergy Drive, including a new 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine and a high torque electric motor.
The overall performance of the system was varied to 151kW (140 kW) with power between the combustion engine and electric motor, or in combination where applicable.
The new 2.5-liter engine as the 2.4-liter replaces the Atkinson cycle for maximum efficiency, higher power and torque than the outgoing engine uses.
Camry hybrid and fuel consumption by around 17.4 percent in the city of just 5.7 litres/100 km (compared to 6.9 l/100 km) * - much better than the best-selling mid-and small diesel car rivals Diesel.
On the road of dealing with fuel falls by about half a liter of 4.9 litres/100 km * (compared to 5.4 liters per 100 km), while the combination of image improved fuel economy of 5.2 liters / 100 km * (compared to 6.0 litres/100 km).
Emissions of carbon dioxide have been reduced to 121 grams per km * of 142 grams per kilometer.
Camry Hybrid is much better fuel economy and lower emissions than many small cars - and even small cars replaced gasoline engines are far less potent, only 1.2 to 1.5 liters.
Camry Hybrid is a third less fuel in combined cycle * The Camry and economical.
With fuel at $ 1.50 per liter, which represents a fuel saving of $ 2,340 over three years for someone who would carry 20,000 km per year.
To distinguish exclusive exterior and interior and badges to Camry Camry Hybrid models.
The exclusive radiator grille with chrome top and a "hybrid blue" Toyota logo is flanked by headlights with blue accents in extensions.
The design pushes back a strong state and a feeling of spaciousness, with the Toyota Hybrid and Blue Shield, NS measure, a rear spoiler and chrome trim.
Inside, there is evidence of attention to fine detail, including filling sewing, soft quality, and a panel of three watches Optitron instruments with chrome bezels and outer metallic shades of blue color of the counter.
Adds unique hybrid brushed silver-aperture on the upper side of the console, the switch-port basis, and to the shifter. HL Camry brush also has a silver shifter.
A package of global security, including displays of the stability and traction control, ABS brakes with brake assist and a rearview camera with the image on a touch screen of 6.1 inches.
There are now seven airbags with the addition of driver's knee airbag, as well as indicators of safety belts for all five occupants.
Camry Hybrid's even quieter than the petrol models with new materials for sound insulation in the engine compartment, in addition to its acoustic windshield.
Rechargeable nickel-metal-proven, in the trunk behind the rear seats is, now has more cooling air.
Most compact size with the movement of the DC / DC converter into the engine compartment, resulting in a shoe that more than eight percent higher than the drive frequency current generation.
Enough to provide owners with the flexibility needed to pull a small trailer - The new model was designed with a tensile load of 300 kg +.
New Camry Hybrid includes several measures to improve fuel economy and lower emissions, including a new album so EV (electric vehicle).
Depending on the condition of the battery and other items that can EV drive mode allows the driver to steer the vehicle only by the electric motor up (at about 45 kmh) to 2 km at lower speeds.
An electric water pump, roller rocker valve train oil economy and a charge pump output and helps to reduce internal friction.
The new water-cooled exhaust gas recirculation helps to ensure low emissions for all vehicle speeds and improve fuel efficiency.
Air conditioning and power steering are electrically driven.
A lighter and more aerodynamic body contribute to a better performance and fuel economy and lower rolling resistance tires improve fuel efficiency too.
ECO-mode of the transmission optimizes throttle response and air conditioning output to prioritize for maximum fuel economy.
The unique hybrid instrument panel has features that the driver turns the car as economical as possible to help.
The current fuel economy with the LEDs (light emitting diodes) around the outer side of the instrument Average Fuel Economy shown.
A hybrid system indicator in the multi-information display contained can also show the flow of energy and information field cruise.
The application of the brakes on the engine turns the generator into kinetic energy of the wheels in the hybrid battery is stored for record.
New Hill-start Assist Control prevents the vehicle rolling backwards when on a slope when the brake pedal.
Camry Hybrid is available in two varieties-H and HL-Camry Camry is available.
Compared to the current model, the Camry variant HL also get a 10-speaker JBL premium audio system with seven-inch satellite navigation system with touch-screen traffic updates in real-time digital radio # 17-inch wheels and alloy wheels light, electrically adjustable mirrors one umbrella, to dive while reversing and memory settings for driver's seat of power.
New Camry Hybrid is covered by Toyota's advantage in cost of service capped at $ 130 for each of up to five services in the first four years or 75,000 km ^ (whichever comes first) - the same as gasoline Camry range.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Toyota Aurion

 Toyota Aurion 2012

The launch of 3.5-litre V6 quad cam Toyota Aurion has completed the roll-out of Toyota's portfolio of new locally made models.

The substantially upgraded five-model Aurion range has been capped at a price beneath $50,000#.

It is Toyota's locally made flagship and is being promoted as an attainable luxury car.

Aurion's distinctive styling and occupant comfort levels provide clear differentiation.

Second generation Aurion is the most powerful Toyota made in Australia.

It generates 200kW at 6200rpm on 91 octane fuel.

Aurion delivers the best fuel economy in the 3.5-litre class in the large passenger segment - six per cent better than the first generation*.

Tailpipe emissions have been reduced by eight per cent*.

Aurion is lighter and slightly larger than the vehicle it replaces.

It incorporates technology advances in drivetrain and active and passive safety strategies which have only recently been developed.

Aurion, like its locally made stablemates, benefits from new computer numeric control (CNC) machines at Australia's Altona plant which allow even more precise manufacturing techniques.

Panel fit in many instances has been reduced from tolerances of 5mm to just 3.5mm - the domain of a very few true luxury cars.

Interior quietness will be a hallmark of second generation Aurion.

The articulation index of interior audibility has been improved by more than 10 per cent.

Ride and handling has been improved in all areas as a result of extensive local testing and development.

User-friendly modifications have been made in many small but important ways.

The centre console storage area is longer, and the boot loading lip is lower to the ground for easier loading.

Interior dimensions have been increased to provide even more legroom, and in particular, greater headroom for rear seat occupants.

Seats have increased in size while being made even more supportive.

Toyota has sought to refine its value proposition to Aurion buyers.

As well as capping Aurion's recommended retail price beneath $50,000, it has further improved its popular capped price logbook servicing proposition to four years/75,000km (whichever occurs first) up to the first five service periods^.

"Aurion has become a favourite amongst experienced motorists," Toyota's executive director sales and marketing Matthew Callachor said.

"Since its launch in 2006 Aurion has become something of a hallmark for private buyers who do not see the need to enter the market above the luxury car tax threshold, but who still want distinctive luxury features.

"Toyota's goal with second generation Aurion was to even better meet those requirements.

"There will not be a current generation Aurion owner who will not appreciate the improvements in the new vehicle and who won't be tempted to trade-up."

Mr Callachor described second generation Aurion as an expansionary vehicle.

"Styling, technical and manufacturing improvements all point to Aurion expanding its market appeal," he said.

"There is a strong market for a powerful prestige vehicle.

"Aurion is rightly, and discretely, earning a reputation as a vehicle of quality.

"Second generation Aurion will enhance that position."

Owners can choose to emphasis the sporty lines of their Aurion with optional Toyota Genuine Accessories, including 17-inch alloy wheels, body side mouldings with chrome and a rear spoiler lip.

Toyota’s locally built Aurion costs less to run than any other large family car sold in Australia, according to a NRMA survey.

The survey released today says the Toyota Aurion Touring has the lowest running costs in its class.

Its operating costs are just 79.68 cents per kilometre – the only large car under 80 cents per kilometre.

The NRMA said it is a repeat victory for Aurion as the most economical car in its class.

The survey covers 1,200 new vehicles with calculations based on a private owner driving 15,000km a year over five years.

The formula takes into account factors including the negotiated vehicle price, depreciation, registration, comprehensive insurance, NRMA membership, maintenance, repairs and fuel.

Aurion, powered by a 200kW 3.5-litre V6 engine, has won many awards for its overall value, safety, build quality, performance, fuel economy and sound resale value.